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Full Version: Empoli vs Milan 27/9
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With that kind of lineup, Gattuso deserves a sack tbh.
(09-27-2018, 11:03 PM)edysim Wrote: [ -> ]With that kind of lineup, Gattuso deserves a sack tbh.

What else could he have done?  Start Rodriguez instead of Laxalt?  The lineup was fine.  The lack of everything else wasn't
(09-27-2018, 10:00 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]I agree. We should have destroyed them, instead of giving them the courage. 

This team is completely shit. I have to blame Gattuso. Kessie is useless, and costs Milan game after game, but I don't think he is the main problem. 

This is not good for my health. I am already sick these days. This game makes me want to vomit (and absolutely regret not putting 1-1 down for PL--was seriously thinking that).

Agree with this. If we have mediocre players we know what to hope but this is totallt different. The players haven't been hungry for the win. Really hate this. Like you said this is not good for our health.
(09-27-2018, 11:21 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: [ -> ]What else could he have done?  Start Rodriguez instead of Laxalt?  The lineup was fine.  The lack of everything else wasn't

Hakan has been underperforming, why insist on playing him. Borini? If I were Gattuso,  I would take different risk by putting someone else there or even changing formation. The new board is surely now 'watching ' him closer than ever, he must deliver soon. Pressure is huge next game.
Embarassing game. Nothing worked but even after an hour mark Rino did nothing to correct this. Only after 1-1 did we try to do something but by then it was too little too late.
Still can’t believe Borini was playing as a striker.
Gattuso is not blameless, he can do some thing better like the timing of subs for instance but the majority of the blame lies with the players. We have repeatedly seen lazy performances from them. Poor finishing, bad decision making and somehow, this season our defensive organization has gone to shit.

There is a pattern here- good/great first half, fuckall second half. This is the biggest problem facing us right now. I still don't think it's as bad a crisis as it is made out to be coz we are still putting in good performances, only that they aren't displayed for the majority of the game. A couple of our shots yesterday would've gone in and it would've been a different story. Luck is not on our side either.

With that being said, depending on the performance / result against Sassuolo the management will need to take a decision. Is a new coach a good idea? Who knows. There is always a settling in period not to mention the uncertainty the players have to go through. My guess is that they will give Gattuso another month at least and rightly so.
He has to go.I would of loved nothing more than for Rino to turn into a great coach , but it isn't happening.Coming into this job I saw his record.His teams have issues with scoring ,all his side's have a big problem scoring goals.He can't adapt , he can't adapt to different opponents he can't adapt during a game his subs are just bizzare at times.Hes ranting and raving on the sideline and no one seems to listen ( I saw this first hand when I was at San Siro) he looks nervous he looks edgy , he isn't instilling confidence.Its only a matter of when not if he's fired and the players know this.We aren't great but to have only 6 points out of 15, on offer with 3 of those games against Atalanta who are nowhere near what they were after losing over half their team in 2 years and a mediocre Cagliari and poor Empoli is criminal.The longer this goes on the harder it will be to claw our way back.We're already 6 points off 4th and only 2 points above relegation.Its just not good enough
Gattuso will definitely have to take some of the blame, together with everyone else. Even the board who "will be watching him" have to take some blame. While Gattuso can't bring out the full potential of a few our players it's the truth that also a lot of them just aren't good enough. It seems to apply also to some of the players we signed this summer. It's like kicking a dead horse, sad but true.
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