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Full Version: Empoli vs Milan 27/9
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Just awful Romagnoli. What he was thinking actually?
What a joke. Has Gattuso really lost the squad? To have this kind of mental breakdown in every match is a sign that something is seriously wrong.
It is always like that. We are leading we sleep. We are goal behind we are struggling. Now gattuso makes change. Why could not he sub Hakan earlier?
What the hell happened? I walked away for a minutes, and saw that we conceded?
Watching Milan these days is tiring. Player mentality is disgusting and how Gattuso can not do anything is beyond my logic.
I dunno, after this I am close to agreeing with those who argue that Gattuso might not be the right coach for us after all. This is all about mentality.
Ah kessie, he's terrible in the attacking phase.
Kessie always shoots random long shot when we are behind. So annoying.
Finally he's taken off
Bakayoko for Kessie. Not sure how useful it would be. could be from bad to terrible. let's see how this gamble works out.
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