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Lucas Tolentino Coelho de Lima (born 27 August 1997), also known as Lucas Paquetá, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Brazilian Série A club Flamengo. He is also a member of  Brazilian national team.

Rumored to have signed with us for 35m euro (October 12, 2018) and both Leonardo and the Flamengo director have said that an agreement for Paqueta is in place and will be official in January 3, 2019.

Exclusive, Cahê Mota - Radio Rossonera exclusive interview with Cahê Mota , a well-known Globoesporte journalist . The theme of the interview is the affair between Milan and Flamengo for the purchase of the Brazilian jewel, Lucas Paquetà . Below his statements:
Milan-Flamengo for Paqueta: Deal done? When did the negotiation start? 5 year contract? and what is the final price ?
"Hello everyone! it's a pleasure to talk to Radio Rossonera! I really miss the time I was at Milanello in 2011 and 2012 to interview Thiago Silva and Robihno. it was an incredible experience. I confirm that yes, an agreement has already been made with the Flamengo sports directors who have agreed to let go of the player and Leonardo for the Milan side and both parties are only waiting for the lawyers to define the last details of the contract. Leonardo was the man in charge of the negotiation and was also the one who presented Lucas to Gattuso. The first sign of this interest was at the beginning of August and at this moment the management of Flamengo and Lucas believe that few clubs are in a better moment than Milan. Nobody has reached the 35 million that society and player asked for, only the PSG but their attempt to make the official offer came late because of the FFP and so Milan could win the duel. The 35 million are divided as follows: 70% at Flamengo and 30% at Lucas and its agent's agency".
What was the reaction of the Flamengo fans to the news of the sale of Paquetà ?
Flamengo fans are a bit surprised, especially because they did not expect to lose Lucas at this point in the season. The Flamengo is still fighting for the title and he is the main player. But what worries them the most is the reason why Flamengo sold it at a price below the clause. So I think they're half sad because they lost the player and half because they thought they could earn more. The Flamengo has just lost Vinícius to Real Madrid and it is certainly not nice to see the new talents that leave the club so young. On the other hand, this is how the market works ".
Is Paqueta ready for Italian football? What is your favorite position / role ?
I think he is ready for Italian football but at the same time has a lot of potential and can still improve. Lucas is a very modern player who is able to play the three positions of the midfield and also play as a playmaker. I think the position in which you feel most comfortable is the mezzala. In this role he may be able to provide assists for teammates, to play between the lines and in the spaces with the freedom to enter and conclude. is a player still under construction and depends on how and how much Milan will be able to teach Italian and European football to Lucas by building an even better player than it already is ".
Is it really a craque? Is it comparable to Kaka ?
"I think it has great potential to become a "craque", but we must be correct and see what the weather will show us. He is only 21 years old, he does not even have 100 matches as a professional and must be more natural in the field. As he said he is very sure of himself, but everything will depend on how Milan will work on this. On the comparison with Kaka, they have different styles, Kakà tended to run the ball at his feet, Lucas has more intensity and is more for the fast pass, for the pitted and, for me, it is more technical than Kaka. I am really convinced that Lucas can become even better than Kaka, in my eyes for what he shows is more technical but we have to be honest and wait, he needs to work hard to really be at the level of this comparison. We must always remember that Lucas has only 88 matches with Flamengo, he never won a trophy, has few appearances in under 20 and only 2 in the national team, so he has to prove a lot. But I think it has more "skills" and why not even more potential than Kaka. When Kakà arrived at Milan it was an easier situation than it was when Lucas arrived, because he was another Milan, another historic moment, but today Lucas will come with more responsibility than Kaka, but as I said, it depends on how Milan will work on it".
Is it true that Barca and Psg were also on the player? Why did Flamengo and Lucas choose Milan ?
"Absolutely yes. Barcelona has made an offer of around 25 million euros between the end of July and the beginning of August. Flamengo did not consider it satisfactory and therefore refused. In fact I think the leaders of Bologna thought that the "Barcelona factor" would have made the difference. At the same time, the PSG and two Premier League clubs requested information on their situation. PSG, Flamengo and the player had reached a rough agreement on the numbers of the deal but the French club did not put them on paper because they were waiting to be closer to the market in January and the cause of this expectation is the concern for the FFP . In this moment of impasse Leonardo presented a similar offer, already formalized in black and white and this made the difference.".
Thanks for the availability Cahê Mota:
Thanks mas bro, a good interview to know more about Paqueta.

What we need next is his signature. No official for Milan altough it is already on official page except contract has been signed.


It is good to know that his best position might be as mezzala, something we really need now to make our midfield more creative and strong by playing possesion better than now.
Flamengo coach Dorival Junior: “Paquetá has great and balanced values. He scores very well, shoots very well and finishes like few in Brazilian football. He is very similar to the likes of De Bruyne and Modric, for his mobility and participation in play.

Dorival Junior: “I did not speak to him after the deal [his transfer to Milan]. He will not lose focus, I can see he is very focused and confident. He has everything to become a player that makes history.” [Globo Esporte]

Thanks to @milaneye for translation

Official presentation
Tuesday January 8 at 3.00pm at Casa Milan, in English on
Where eill he feature in Gattuso's 7€"-€"€8?#-#"8€ formation?
welcome Pacqueta#39, hope you dont take long to settle in.
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