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Full Version: Lazio vs. Milan 11/25/18
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Yea Lazio has really been in charge and it's a shock that they aren't ahead yet. That being said, we're being offered opportunities on the counter so we may be able to steal something from this.

Why is the attendance so poor, though? I'd think that this is a fairly important game but there are so many empty seats in the stands..
I saw that. You would think this game has so much at stake that the attendance should have been much better.
Wow, a very decent shot by Borini.
Lazio players complain too much. If they were playing against Juventus, they probably only had 9 players left now.
Anyone got a stream i could use on phone?
Im stuck in traffic
I think we're doing well all things considered
(11-25-2018, 07:24 PM)SkyEdge Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone got a stream i could use on phone?
Im stuck in traffic

Download mobdro apk and you can watch every game...
Donnarumma keeps us in the game with his great save.
Calhanoglu must shoot!
Maybe he hesitated because he remember how his shot was tipped in the first half.
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