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Full Version: Lazio vs. Milan 11/25/18
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Are we playing Juve? First Immobile clearly, even by EPL standards, fouled Calabria but ref gave corner then they are checking for penalty cause Abate marked Immobile too well actually ... wow ....
What is wrong with this referee? First a non-existent corner, then a yellow card for Donnarumma, and now VAR for such a trivial case?

I bet that he put money in a draw.
Gattuso probably is saving a sub for Donnarumma. The way it looks, he is going to get a second yellow for "wasting time". Angry
1-1. Fuck.
1-1 Correa, after several ref favours, the goal itself was coming imo
Had to come...
Why did we not make a sub in stoppage time to disrupt Lazio's pressure?????? Gattuso is such a fucking dumbass
He had 3 subs
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