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Full Version: Milan - Parma December 2, 2018 12:30
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This 4-3-3 is mentioned by some
Donna, Calabria, Abate, Zapata, Rodriguez, Kessie, Bakayoko, Mauri, Suso, Cutrone, Calhanoglu
We haven't had much good luck with 12:30 game. Even the ones we won weren't easy. 4-3 at Lecce came to mind.

(Just saw from another forum: In the last five seasons Milan have played 14 games at 12:30 and only won 3 of them, drawn 5 games and lost 6.)
3-1 Milan
i think cutrone doestn fit playing as a lone striker.
Omg... 0-1. Inglese.
omg borini in, mauri out, and castileo on benc....3gatussoout........pleaseeeeeeeee fire himmmmm
Cutrone! 1-1. Great finish.
Penalty after VAR review. Handball by Bastoni.

Kessie! 2-1!
I'll take it!!!
we keep messing up our counter attacks though Wallbang
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