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Full Version: Krzysztof Piatek
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(02-01-2019, 08:13 PM)WCmilan Wrote: [ -> ]Humble is the absolute last thing we need in this Milan squad of recent years. We need a winning cocky mentality, very thankful Piatek is that way.

I think attacking players need winning cocky mentality, it gives them more confidence.

And defending players should be humble to stay focused.
Fastest ever to reach 6 goals
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from @MilanTV
When was the last time that we had a capocannoniere in their first half season with us? Icon_lol2

(I know Shevchenko won it with us during his first season.)
thanks to Higuain who wanted to leave, we got ourselves a natural goal scorer.. Smile
Piatek will break the record of Piguain of 36 goals a season
Unlikely. Gattuso takes him off too early.
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[Image: LHUbTXX.gif]

I can watch these 100 times. Can't believe that last time we scored off a corner was by Bonucci.
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5 starts, 7 goals now. The streak is still on. Okmilan
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