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Full Version: Milan vs. Cagliari 2/10/19
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2-0 Milan
4-0 milan
Expect a narrow win. Cagliari is a tough side.
The Cagliari squad has been trapped inside the training ground by local farmers protesting milk prices.
The Sardinians were meant to be at the airport so they could fly out for tomorrow evening’s Serie A game against Milan at San Siro.
However, the players have been stuck inside the Asseminello training ground with all the exits blocked by around 100 local farmers.
It is part of a wider protest all over the island against milk prices, where they pour jugs of milk on to the roads and park their vehicles to stop traffic.
Police have arrived to negotiate with the protestors, who are demanding to speak to the players, Coach Rolando Maran and club representatives.
Director general Mario Passetti talked to the protestors and managed to negotiate a truce so the team bus could go to the airport.
The team was only allowed to leave after several players, including Nicolo' Barella, Alessandro Deiola and Joao Pedro, were filmed kicking over milk pails in a gesture of solidarity.
Why were they targeting the Cagliari players in the first place? LOL.
No Conti again WTF
(02-09-2019, 05:45 PM)artand Wrote: [ -> ]No Conti again  WTF

What? Conti is in the squad for the match.
But he is not starting, Gattuso mentioned him and this is the quote

Quote:“I give nothing for free and I don’t throw anyone out either. It’s the same with Andrea Conti, he is recovering, but doesn’t play because that’s the way I see it. I have players who I find reliable.

imo if you are fan of Gattuso you can interpret that as he knows who is readier from training and his hunches, if you are not a Gattuso fan you can interpret that as he is scared to change personnel too much, kind of 'over loyal'

up to you Tongue
The problem is that they're both good players. I guess you can argue Gattuso should rotate them but it seems he has the mindset if something's going good then don't change it
Probable lineup vs. Cagliari (4-3-3):
Donnarumma; Calabria, Musacchio, Romagnoli, Rodríguez; Kessie, Bakayoko, Paquetà; Suso, Piątek, Çalhanoglu [Sky]
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