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Full Version: Milan vs. Sassuolo 3/2/19
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Kessie is back to his old wasteful self. Two 100% chances to score. WTF.
Sh*tting bricks right now.
It looks like we were the side with one man down.
This is very good evidence of Gattuso's risky defensive game, 1-0 ahead at home, 11 against 10 and nothing remotely close to pressing, it was 89th min the Sassuolo player had the ball may be 40 yards from our goal, all of our 11 were 30 yards or less.
Terrible match, but the important thing was to get the three points and go past Inter!
Absolutely awful performance. We might have gotten 3 undeserved points, but the way they were won leaves so much to be desired.
The only positive is the 3 points and the clean sheet. Other than that, terrible performance in the second half.
And on a positive note we've become incredibly difficult to score against. So many people are complaining about Gattuso, but he has definitely gotten the back four to keep things tight.
It was so obvious that when we did press them and force the long balls, we pinned them in their half.. and when we did attack, we totally carved them up.. If that had been a draw, it would have been a major fuckup by Gattuso.. Suso was almost non-existant in that last 10-15mins besides the free kick.. Suso should have gone off for Cutrone instead.. Gattuso still being naive..
Good result in a very bad game.
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