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Full Version: Chievo vs. Milan 3/9/19
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(03-11-2019, 02:34 AM)Ryo Wrote: [ -> ]Don't forget that they also have another match on Thursday. We won't know just how they'll line up until after that match.
Right now they look pretty decimated by injuries.

Yeah. And there is every chance that could go into extra-time.
Even better. Big Grin
I’m watching the stakes wda made, but I'm not in a hurry, as for me, these are two worthy teams) Will you go to the game on May 12? My friends and I have already bought tickets. Now we are thinking how to get to Milan, since we ourselves are not local and have never been to Italy. But this is nonsense, the main thing is to find a hotel, which will have free places. Can you recommend a couple of places closer to the stadium? My friend found some good blog suggestions at While we liked Miles Style Bed and Breakfast most of all, the reviews are good. Still considering Luci A San Siro, can you say about this hotel?
Thanks for the post Big Grin
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