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Full Version: Chievo vs. Milan 3/9/19
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Of course, this is assuming there will be no red card. Scared
Caldara called up
Excellent news. I hope we will have an early and comfortable lead to allow him him to get some minutes. You can't find a better opponent than Chico for him to ease back into form.
[Image: D1I3yGJXgAEit9D.jpg:large]
Pls drop Suso...
Probable lineup vs. Chievo (4-3-3):
Donnarumma; Conti, Musacchio, Romagnoli, Laxalt; Kessie, Biglia, Paquetá; Suso, Piątek, Castillejo [Sky]
Gattuso wont bench Suso until he scores. Id rather see conti there or castillejo
At least Samu's playing over Fabio...
Interesting to see how Castillejo and Paqueta keep swapping positions.
Castillejo has been very active, so is Kessie, but end product is missing, and Kessie's decision making has really been doubtful.

At least Chievo seems weak enough to create serious threat so far.
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