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Full Version: Chievo vs. Milan 3/9/19
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Stupid Suso. Gave away ball in dangerous position, thankfully it is only Chievo.

Everyone on the team today seems impatient and selfish so far.
We need a bit more team play. I keep seeing players trying to take on 2-3 opponents at once, and even though Chievo aren't great it's not gonna work.
Milan have been playing a lot of hero ball. Not enough organized plays to play in Piatek. He's getting frustrated with his teammates.
For once, I wish Castillejo would shoot instead of passing to Piatek. Facepalm

At least Castillejo is running really hard to create opportunities.
I am concerned Castillejo would sooner or later get a yellow card, either for fouling really hard, or for complaining. Wish his decision making would improve. Big Grin

almost 30 minutes now, and we have created almost nothing worth a meaningful save from Chievo's old keeper.

I credit Paqueta for winning that freekick, but wow! What a way to announce your return!
Biglia back with a bang!!!
Dammit! My (paid!) stream died right before the goal!
No goalkeeper in the world would have saved that one.

5 year extensions please. Grinundwech
(03-09-2019, 09:07 PM)devoted_dm Wrote: [ -> ]Dammit! My (paid!) stream died right before the goal!

ask for a refund! Big Grin

or try this one:

It is working perfectly for me.
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