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Full Version: Chievo vs. Milan 3/9/19
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Wasteful team, and when I see an attacking play (not a counter) and Kessie is closer to opposition goal than someone like Samu I know that the MM coach thread needs activity lol
Our midfielders aren't providing him with the quality balls that they need to.
I don't really blame them all THAT much because we did make 4 changes to our usual players. Laxalt isn't as good at starting up plays or making passes as Rodruiguez. Castillejo can pass, but prefers to cut in and shoot. Suso is losing the ball too much and Paqueta is being fouled way too often by opponents without the ref calling for my taste.

Also, Conti was at fault for that goal, we really could have used Calabria in there today.

4 changes was probably one too many for the chemistry of our team.

Don't forget, we've created nothing from team play as yet. So far our only goal has been from a free kick.
I also don't like this referee too much. Not a serious complain, but I thought he could have whistled a few times more on Chievo's rough play.

I was even surprised that he gave us that free kick. It would have waved off if he would officiate consistently.

Let's bring up Bakayoko and do some butchering in the midfield.
I Pacqueta shows he does well with Calhagnoglu. Move Samu to the right and bring Calhagnoglu on. Baka may need to come on too as he pushes forward with Biglia. 

Piatek is so good. You has such a good first touch and makes great runs. I hope we don't make an Higuain out of him.
Last game Biglia scored for us, we got a draw at Empoli. But at least in that game, we were creating one chance after another.

The second half is underway. I want us to play with more fire.
Conti struggling and Chievo have realized they can press and force it
Hakan in for Paqueta.
(03-09-2019, 09:42 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Conti struggling and Chievo have realized they can press and force it

Yeah... hate to say this, but he is definitely a weak link on our defense.
Piatek nice poke in but I am sure the buildup will be VAR lol
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