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Full Version: Liverpool v AC Milan Legends match
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In 2 weeks time. Is anybody going ?. Not sure yet if i am.
If I was anywhere close I would, take pics and share if you go Big Grin
Too far east in asia.. and take pics to share with us craig
Squad list of Both Teams ?
(03-10-2019, 05:34 AM)Rishav kant Wrote: [ -> ]Squad list of Both Teams ?

Liverpool's squad list:
Still not sure if i am going yet. Nobody to go with tbh.
Not going. The game is live on LFCTV.
can Anyone tell Milan squad
I was on about going to this match for so long. Issue was i had nobody to go with. Now i would not be able to go because i am really ill with a chest infection. Like i said in a previous post it is live on LFCTV. You can get that on a 1 Month free trial.
Still can't find full squad but Abbiati, Costacurta, Oddo and Serginho are at least 4 of the names
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