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Full Version: Milan vs. Udinese 4/2/19
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no Suso ! 2 strikers ! Pacqueta more advanced!
Kessie, Suso and RR all not starting is huge by Gattuso standards. Whether or not today's formation works out this is the right choice about those 3, can't be poor for months without something happening.
Finally Gattuso has done the unthinkable
Not actually that surprised.
IF you go back to checking Gattuso's stats with our Primavera, he started with a formation and for the first 2 to 3 games his results were pretty bad... he changed his formation and results improved.

He's not one to sit on a formation if it doesn't work for the players he has. The biggest problem was always his insistence on playing out of form players in order not to make them lose confidence. It's great for the player, and great for the team atmosphere, but absolutely shit for our results.
I don't mind Abate but what's up with that Caldara guy? Is he still alive? Will he find a spot in a back 3? Curious to see the Bakayoko biglia set up. Do they sit back or is one more forward? Also the spacing for Cahanoglu and Laxalt.
My god.... Paqueta and Donnaruma subbed off in the first half alone.
We're not going to make it...
Pum Pum Pum!!!!! PIATEK!!!!
Good goal courtesy of a Cutrone cross!
Someone please give me a screenshot of Piatek and Cutrone hugging each other just now. That was beautiful Big Grin
All credit goes to Cutrone
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