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Full Version: Milan vs. Frosinone 5/19/19
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I think the pressure is ultimately on Inter and Atalanta. They would be losing the CL spots and both are dropping points so they are going into their respective games needing to turn it around. Inter has more pressure because this would be a pretty incredible loss considering where everything was a few weeks ago. With that said, after the first half Atalanta weren't that convincing.
we're playing in the CL next season. Mark my words.

Atalanta - Sassuolo 1:1
I have full faith in Sassuolo. We hardly beat them at San Siro, Inter drew 0-0 at San Siro, Lazio 2-2 at Olimpico. Roma only a 0-0 .

Already now i start celebrating the entrance in the CL after 5 years.
(05-19-2019, 11:37 PM)artand Wrote: [ -> ]Already now i start celebrating the entrance in the CL after 5 years.

Too early dude. Never celebrate too early.

But I too think we will be in CL next season. Good performance in the second half by Milan. What made me happy was we didn't stop attack after taking lead like we used to. I wish Suso would play more like that and be the driving force
Suso's perfect FK goal should at least re-attract interest from other clubs Smile
I hate to say this, I think we end up missing out on CL by one point. Inter and Atalanta both play bad teams in the last week, and their forms have not been that bad lately. I thought Juve would've done us a favor and actually show up to play this weekend, but they screwed us again after drawing Inter and losing to Roma. Schedule ultimately did us in, because we played them too early.
"Champions League qualification if..."
excellent. we will be missing champions league, fire gattuso, get us a new coach, ans start for real. ancelotti please to put andrea silva and cutrone together
ancelotti rejected milan twice because first of his back problem and second the chinese ownership that looked suspicious with money laundry. bring him back now milan ownership is safe and sound. he wont reject
new milan under ancelotti...


conti romagnoli mussachio ricardo rodriguez


kessie                                            suso


andre silva                                      cutrone
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