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Full Version: Milan vs. Frosinone 5/19/19
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It's also slippery from the rain but yes clumsy
(05-19-2019, 05:39 PM)nefremo Wrote: [ -> ]Kessie is such a clumsy player! It's unreal

On both ends!
HT 0 0. Not many chances created. Although hakan has been busier than usual
Same shit again. Another 45 mins, another pedestrian performance where we barely create anything. Bad touches all over the place and the only time we look dangerous (if you can call it that) is when we get the ball on the right hand side to Suso. Watch us fuck this up in front of 60k fans....
All i got from this half is just how utterly garbage Kessie is.. fucking complacent turd.. and he is that way because Gattuso would never drop him.. meaning another fucking cunt in the team as a coach..
Booed at the half time. What a stupid game so far. We are just not good enough, not even better than Frosinone.

If we played Empoli right now we would get butchered.
What an absolute disgrace.
Maybe that's why Gazidis wants to revamp
Shit first half I don't we are playing in San Siro or Saturn. Angry
Quote:What’s alarming about Milan is how many of these players look like they just want to get to the holidays. Even with the Champions League on the line, how many in current XI will even be wearing the rossoneri kit next season? Half?
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