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Full Version: Mattia Caldara
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I can't believe that we don't have a Mattia Caldara thread? 

Quote:AC Milan news: Caldara reveals who will get 33 as he will change number

16 June at 16:00

During his long interview with La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Mattia Caldara also spoke about the issue of his shirt number, which he intends to change.
"I will leave number 33 for Krunic (who wore it for Empoli, editor's note). I will change my number, but I still don't know which one I will choose," he stated.

A new number, a new chapter?  Okmilan 

About the new number, I think he should get #5 from Bonaventura (who can take #8 from Suso if he leaves, or #4 from Jose Mauri who is leaving, or #7 from Castillejo if he leaves), or #4 from Jose Mauri, or #31 (I don't think anyone is taking that number right now).

His favorite number is #13.
Sunday June 16 2019

Caldara: I've missed playing
By Football Italia staff

Mattia Caldara admits he has ‘missed’ playing for Milan and Italy but is ready to make up for lost time after his long injury layoff.

Caldara joined Milan from Juventus as part of the Leonardo Bonucci exchange last summer but was desperately unlucky with injuries in 2018-19, making just two appearances for the Rossoneri.

In the spring, he ruptured knee ligaments after having sat out most of the campaign with an Achilles problem, and he has only just resumed training.

“I’m getting stronger and fitter; I’m back out training, jogging, sprinting and doing strengthening exercises,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Paolo Maldini has always had time for me, and we talk a lot. When we do, I feel that he trusts me. Having a legend like him around is a great boost for the club.

“I’ve missed playing for Milan and Italy a lot, Roberto Mancini only calls up players that deserve it and I want to prove that I deserve a place in his squad.”

The 25-year-old won his two caps for Italy in 2018 and previously played for Atalanta.
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should take #4

solid defenders number.
#4, at least in Milan, was a number for DM. Albertini, Van Bommel, Jose Mauri are a few names I can think of.
(06-17-2019, 08:42 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]#4, at least in Milan, was a number for DM. Albertini, Van Bommel, Jose Mauri are a few names I can think of.

But it's traditionally a defenders number.

Who knows. Maybe he will take #31. I was happy when he had the #33 though. obviously he felt it carried some bad luck. I get that. I spent most of 2 season's on and off injury when I had #33... Likely a coincidence but I haven't had drama's since I changed back to #3