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Full Version: Coppa Italia, QF: Milan vs. Lazio (Thursday, January 26 2012)
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the kid sharafi is briliant fantazista the true number 10 . let s hope to grow like kaka
Sublime save by Amelia, indeed.
Binho is back. Big Grin
that my friends is a fantastic goal.

by the way if that Seedorf-El Shaarawy celebratory hug would have kept any longer the resulting matter-antimatter explosion could have destroyed San Siro.

It was 1992 when El Sharaawy was born. The same year that Clarence Seedorf played his first season for Ajax.

Meanwhile, Amelia makes the save of 2012.

Great game, right?
(01-26-2012, 09:12 PM)Sputnik Wrote: [ -> ]Great game, right?

Funnest game by Milan in a while.
Mesbah looks assured , looking well so far
Bonera with another horror show. Tongue
Our CB pair doesn't have a good match, but others do Big Grin
So far Mesbah looks better than Taiwo. Big Grin
Ameliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, he saves us again
Amelia o_O
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