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Full Version: Coppa Italia, QF: Milan vs. Lazio (Thursday, January 26 2012)
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^^^ YES!!!

Is Diaz payed well ? are hospital bill's expensive in Italy #V.Bommel
Abate is the Captain now Big Grin
(01-26-2012, 10:13 PM)Stitch Wrote: [ -> ]Why Ibra??

To get used to Lazio defense system. We'll meet them soon
Emanuelson brilliant assist for Ibra 3-1
Holy shit Emanuelson O_O
Great skill Urby!!!
Good match, we win!!!
ES92 is special.Good game great goal's all of them..happy as a pig in sh1t
(01-26-2012, 10:40 PM)Jay Crisp Wrote: [ -> ]ES92 is special.Good game great goal's all of them..happy as a pig in sh1t

I'd nominate you for the Pulitzer if it was on me. Sagrin

So, good game for Milan.
Good result. I am happy also because I genuinely dislike Lazio and mostly their fans.
Great performances by all youngsters / new comers.

Merkel and SES both made great assists. SES in particular has put on a simple spectacular performance with some slick skills, moves, passes and lots and lots of energy. The only thing he is lacking at the moment is goals. If he keeps playing like this, Pato will sit on the bench after recovering from injury.

Merkel was very solid as well. Nice passing and calm performance.

Mesbah looks much better than Taiwo like i said. He is left footed, can take on players and CAN CROSS!!! He also has a sense of tactical awareness unlike Taiwo. Looking forward to seeing more of him.

SES + Binho + Seedorf + Merkel has put on a real show in attack. Real great combinational play.
And let's not forget Ibra. He came, scored, conquered. Big Grin
Good First Half, Boring Second. Urby looked good when he entered, and solid games from Seedorf, Merkel, Mesbah, Robinho, El Shaaraway.

Typical horror show in first half from Bonera as expected. we need to sell that clown and sign Astori in June.

As for Andre Dias, he should be suspended 5 games without pay for that horror punch to Van Bommel's face. I would NOT have been so composed as Van Bommel was. Hats off to him.
Just saying, look at the games Milan have to play the first two weeks of February:

Lazio(A), Napoli(H), Juventus(H), Udinese(A), Arsenal(H).

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