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Full Version: Coppa Italia, QF: Milan vs. Lazio (Thursday, January 26 2012)
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(01-26-2012, 10:59 PM)Sputnik Wrote: [ -> ]Just saying, look at the games Milan have to play the first two weeks of February:

Lazio(A), Napoli(H), Juventus(H), Udinese(A), Arsenal(H).


I believe that the first leg of Coppa Italia semifinal against Juventus will be on Feb. 8, unless it will be re-scheduled.

Ibrahimovic was definitely offside. Sagrin
El Sharaawy is more and more promising ... And it looks like he understands how to play with the other guys in attack !!

Merkel also played well. My concern is about his injury ...

We should give some minutes to them regularly. And anyway, about the first one, Allegri said something that I apreciated a lot ... He said that El Sharaawy is very young, he can't have any responsability on his shoulders right now, it's why he doesn't give him 90 minutes in all games. It's maybe what Ancelotti (and Leonardo) missed with Pato, they burned him by putting him in a the center of our attack and talking about him like the next big thing who should score all the time. It seems Allegri is better than our two previous coaches for developping young talents.
Allegri is definitely giving youngsters their chances:
Allegri: "Inzaghi? I preferred to put on a youngster."

But to be fair, Ancelotti had a severely limited squad at his disposal + 0 signings.
He couldn't mess with youngsters, as he was under pressure for grinding out results.

As for Leonardo, Abate made a breakthrough under him. So, he can be credited for that sure.
Wow another game to prove that Pato should be sold ASAP... first he was only our prized jewel with a future..... not anymore ducky!!! Big Grin

Well done El Shaarawy, that assist to Seedorf was reminiscent of Baggio and Totti in their prime.

I never understand why people criticize Urby so much, I really think he is a great player in our squad. Very useful.

Mesbah was really good. Hope he plays more to get used to his team mates, we will need him vs Arsenal's right wingers for sure.

Very disappointed in Allegri for what he did to Pippo. I am very furious how he is treating our legend like this. I also dont get why he had to make his third substitution at 87' instead of 80'.
Yeah, Urby is great and Pato sucks. You're very objective indeed Smile

Wow.. There better be a MAJOR ban for this loser

[img] [Image: diaz.gif][/QUOTE][/img]
(01-27-2012, 02:15 AM)ElMago99 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow.. There better be a MAJOR ban for this loser

[img] [Image: diaz.gif]

Looks like he should be missing Coppa Italia for a whole season or two (depending on how far Lazio could advance).

this is absolutely mad. Angry
Didnt see the game today. Just watched the HL. E92 looking awesome. My boy R70 getting his swagger back.


Even though im 80% sure ibra was offside on his goal, i dont really care bcuz i think we deserve it after urbys amazing skill and pass
The more skillful team won.

Binho, Seedorf & SES, then Urby & Ibra made the difference.

Lazio were motivated in first 10 minutes, they took advantage of some misplaced passes and expected errors Big Grin However, the only goal was the best they can do.

SES' workrate deserves praising. He should put on some muscles as he often loses his balance after physical contacts.

Merkel's tactical sense and passing are enough to play for Milan now. He knows the way we play. He still needs to show something if he wants to remain, a goal or some creative move, as his style now is mechanical.

Mesbah is a typical wingback. He likes to hug the line and is comfortable running back and forth the left wing. Simple yet effective. We only need him to be solid and I think he is very capable.
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