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Full Version: Asmir Begovic
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Asmir Begovic
32 year old goalkeeper
Six month loan from Bournemouth

Welcome to Milan
Same as the Kjaer deal.
bench player for a bench player.

Rumours we've signed that Brazilian youngster to come in end of season so we likely won't see much of Begovic... Just in cup games.
cup games are for donnarumma senior.

Begovic is lucky. I wish I could be in his position. Collecting big check, and a nice line on resume. and chances to get autographs on daily basis. Rofl
It just occurred to me that this is the goalkeeper that scored a goal quite recently. LOL. 

Hopefully now with Ibrahimovic, we wouldn't need Begovic to score for us. Rofl

Asmir Begovic Angel has been AC Milan’s new goalkeeper and Gigio Donnarumma’s back up.

One of the best things that come from this kind of signing is a new mentor for Gianluigi Donnarumma.
The young superstar will have his fifth veteran goalkeeper to support him in just five seasons as a professional.
[Image: 1*DqYxS1c0n7s7VWOVa-5cqA.jpeg]