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Full Version: Week 21: Lazio vs. Milan (Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 20:45 CET)
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The next game is only 3 days away, so this thread may not be too early. Big Grin

We will play Lazio one week (actually, 6 days) after our last victory over them in Coppa Italia. This time Lazio will play in their home stadium and should be more difficult to handle. But if we are determined, we should not fear Lazio.

The schedule ahead is outrageous however. I attached the upcoming schedule at the end (credit to Capo Ultra), so it seems that we will need to ration our energy while maximizing the points. I will trust Allegri for that.

Of course, this game is just made interesting after Andres Dias was only handed a 3-match ban (only in Coppa) and will most likely face our bad boys on the pitch. Wonder what will happen.

Any thoughts/comments?

Forza Milan.

Quote:The dates and times for our upcoming matches (CET):

Wednesday, 1st of February at 20:45: Lazio - Milan.

Sunday, 5th of February at 20:45: Milan - Napoli.

Wednesday, 8th of February at 20:45: Milan - Juventus.

Saturday, 11th of February at 18:00: Udinese - Milan.

Wednesday, 15th of February at 20:45: Milan - Arsenal.

Sunday, 19th of February at 15:00: Cesena - Milan.

Saturday, 25th of February at 20:45: Milan - Juventus.

Saturday, 3rd of March at 18:00: Palermo - Milan.

Tuesday, 6th of March at 20:45: Arsenal - Milan.
You're very diligent, mate. Take a little break and go to the gym, it is good for you. Big Grin

Early morning in my place, so I can just say: Forza Milan!!!
(01-30-2012, 12:29 AM)Aficio Wrote: [ -> ]You're very diligent, mate. Take a little break and go to the gym, it is good for you. Big Grin

Early morning in my place, so I can just say: Forza Milan!!!

It is Sunday afternoon/evening here, so I still have some time to kill. Big Grin

Both team play 3 games in a week,I think we have a little uphand cause we are more accustumed to tight schedule.
1 - Juventus (44 points, 12-8-0)
2 - AC Milan (43 points, 13-4-3)
3 - Udinese (38 points 11-5-3)
4 - Lazio (36 points, 10-6-4)
5 - Inter Milan (35 points, 11-2-6)
6 - AS Roma (31 points, 9-4-6) -1

31/01 - 20:45
Parma - Juventus

01/02 - 20:45
Inter - Palermo
Lazio - Milan
Udinese - Lecce
Cagliari - Roma


Milan :
- Last five games ; WWLWW (12/15 points), 10 goals scored, 1 goal conceded
- Last five games away ; WWWDW, 11 goals scored, 2 goals conceded
- We follow Juventus, we will play again by knowing the result of Juventus, which could put less or more pressure on our shoulders depending on their result ... I doubt they will lose against Juventus, so the start of our crazy February is going to be stressful !!

Lazio :
- Last five games ; WLWLD (8/15 points), 6 goals scored, 6 goals conceded
- Last five games at home ; WDDWL, 7 goals scored, 3 goals conceded
- They want to get the third spot allowing to play the preliminaries for CL, and given the fact that the always-winning-at-home plays against Lecce, it's a must win game for them too or they will see Udinese fly away again !!

Result: Two goalscorers will face each other ... Ibra (15 goals, 1st) and Klose (11 goals, 5th) ... Lazio are not bad at home, and we're very good away. Logically, I'd say it should end with a draw, something like 1-1 or 2-2, but given how important this game is for both teams, and how dramatic could be a loss for both teams, I think Lazio will try to firstly defend well, and Ibrahimovic generally delivers some magical goals in these moments. So I'd say a very difficult 1-0 win for Milan.
There is no better way than the old way. Okmilan

Lazio is a typical flat-track bully. We need to show that we mean business and we are the boss; once we do that, the game would actually become easier.

Last note, Ambrosini always has great performance against Lazio, so we may have to play him again. Grazie Ambrosini. Heart
(01-30-2012, 12:29 AM)Aficio Wrote: [ -> ]Early morning in my place, so I can just say: Forza Milan!!!

Same here, mate. It'll be 2.45 AM here. In a way it's a good thing because none of those prime time games get shown here. Personally I try to go to sleep earlier, wake up and watch the game, express my disgust or praise depending on the result here, before trying to catch a sleep for another hour or two Big Grin

About the game, T. Silva should be available. The schedule is really tough and our poor records against big teams this season make me feel not as optimistic as usual. But then again if we are to win the scudetto again, we have to win these games too.
My Squad:


Subs: El Shaaraway, Inzaghi, Seedorf, van Bommel, Zambrotta, Bonera, Amelia
wow what a schedule we have ahead! take one step at one time and we shall overcome this. Forza Milan ! Okmilan
Nice lineup, ElMago99. Urby's form is getting better on RCM.
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