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Full Version: Prince Boateng
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Well at least now you can't say that Galliani didn't sign a midfielder. Even better when its a midfielder who wants to be played as a striker.

We seem to be the minority here as the only ones cursing this transfer. Some of the other comments from across the Internet about this transfer.

"Boa will fix the midfield. Cant frickin wait.He has the physical and technical abilities to be one of the best box-to-box players in the league."

"From the training matches he's participated in he's looked like a useful addition to the squad. He is a good passer, good at moving off the ball and can send the ball on one or two touches (something most of our players seem incapable of doing), and he even tries to combine with teammates to make things happen."

Clearly we hear at MM don't know something thaty these guys do Wink
I cant believe anyone thinks its a good move.I mean lets look ...An egotistical troublemaker that does what he wants , his own country and club threw him away cast him aside wanted nothing to do with him.
A guy coming off 3 poor seasons , his 2 at Schalke were poor his last at Milan was poor.A guy with major knee problems.Yeah that'll fix our midfield , even though he wont want to play in midfield.
I would be very glad with the transfer, if boateng wasn't such an egotistical self-loving knob. He has skills, he just doesn't use them at all and prefers to play his worst position.
(10-27-2015, 05:17 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]I don't think anyone was cursing? We are just disappointed but resigned to the fact that our management is capable of anything crazy and destructive. Sad
Yes not yet, but I see that coming hopefully this news is not true

He looks useful addition to the team : we already have many, no thanks. We dont need just a good passer, we need excellent passer! Good is just not good enough for current team.

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Boateng from during maybe his first or second season at Milan before could possibly contribute something to this side, but really now this guy shouldn't be brought back. Even if he returns to that form, I'd massively question whether he's a solution.

Thing is, I can see him returning and putting in a couple of decent games and everyone suddenly thinking he's our saviour, while Galliani will say how great a deal it was to get him back for free. Then his form will drop and suddenly the reality will set in.

I'd argue the same sort of thing about Kucka, he came in at 3m, wasn't really wanted by anyone. He put in a couple of good performances and showed he has some qualities that are useful and suddenly Miha proclaims Galliani a master. Thing is, I don't think Kucka's performances will stay to that level, I'm confident when I say I simply don't think he's good enough and at best is a bench player.
Closer to a return in January, possibly on a 6 month deal at first.'

Have a set up a poll on the front page of the site.
Should Kevin Prince Boateng Rejoin Milan?
If he's coming, it should be limited to 6 months only. Any further is poor decision making (as is bringing him back in the first place)
Its a simple NO.

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Looks like a good deal. He'll be playing 6 months for free to try convincing us to give him a contract. It's simple, he doesn't perform he doesn't play lol.
I would give that chance to our youngster.

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