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Full Version: Week 2 Milan - Cagliari August 29 2021 20:45
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(08-29-2021, 07:36 PM)nefremo Wrote: [ -> ]I guess Bennacer is still not 100% ready. I hope that he won't go away to international duty. I hate when we deem players unfit (not 100%) and don't use them out of precaution...and then they go to international duty a few days later and play 2 games in 5 days. If he's unfit to play for us...then his Algeria coach should understand that and let the play be and recover at Milanello.

Yea.. not to forget Ibrahimovic's brief NT stint killed his last season, Kessie's Olympics trip now has its aftermath too. 

There is nothing wrong about wanting to play for your NT, but it would be appreciated if players also recognize and respect the need of the club.
Giroud! What a missed chance.
Tonali!!!!!! Get INNNNN!!
Last year, Hakan would have taken that and hit it straight into the wall
What the hell. that was fast.
That was fast again. Big Grin
Diaz Leao luck connection
And another one Big Grin hahaha

Great game
Diaz turning Pippo? Big Grin

Leao nice assist. Icon_lol2
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