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Full Version: Week 4 Juventus - Milan September 19 2021 20:45
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Gabbia-Romagnoli should be fine.

I'd rest Tomori as well. Thank god no muscle injury for Kjaer. He just needs rest.
Giroud should be back for Venezia, but no news on Calabria.

The next two matches is a great chance to rest our strongest XI and play some of our bench/fringe players.
We have Atletico after the Spezia game, and Atalanta after that, so it's not going to be an easy run of games to end on.
(09-20-2021, 12:20 PM)Aficio Wrote: [ -> ]Kalulu is fast, I don't know about Gabbia's speed but let's assume about Romagnoli's, which is not great.

Last match showed the pair Kjaer and Romagnoli is not efficient. We need the quick one to press and the slower (more experienced) to cover.

Both Venezia and Spezia are not strong, but I think why don't use the more completed pair.

Gabbia is not sprinter but his tactical awareness is pretty good. Even playing with Romagnoli, Gabbia should be the first option before playing Kalulu.

I wonder how Maldini co see Kalulu's position. If he is prepared for our RB, why do we take Florenzi? Or Florenzi is Saelemaker's sub/competitor?
How the f is Forenzi not fully fit? From what? And who the hell cares!? Even if he can only play 60 mins. Just play him. If he's injured, ok. I get it. But "not fully fit" to start yet will be on the bench doesn't look like an injury. Just means he's not ready for 90 mins.
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