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Full Version: Week 4 Juventus - Milan September 19 2021 20:45
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Didn't Gabbia play RB in preseason? And he was pretty good.

Any info on Chiesa?
That's funny, don't we still have Kalulu?
If Maignan had to miss the game, then we would be truly screwed.
(09-19-2021, 04:03 AM)hwmook Wrote: [ -> ]That's funny, don't we still have Kalulu?

He and Conti are the options. If Kalulu isn't going to get time,  you have to wonder why he wasn't loaned. If they don't trust him for Juve , that's fine. But why is he here ?

(09-19-2021, 04:08 AM)ACM2021 Wrote: [ -> ]If Maignan had to miss the game, then we would be truly screwed.

Yep. Tatarusanu almost guarantees we conceed 1 goal minimum. We play 1 CL game and half the team breaks down. Who is our fitness staff? They need to be fired.
How the f is Forenzi not fully fit? From what? And who the hell cares!? Even if he can only play 60 mins. Just play him. If he's injured, ok. I get it. But "not fully fit" to start yet will be on the bench doesn't look like an injury. Just means he's not ready for 90 mins.
We play 1 mid week intense game and are falling apart physically. Insane shit.
It looks like Gabbia might be RB.
In Tata we trust.

BTW our fitness and medical staff sucks BBC.
It's a repeat of last season, this time around it's starting very early. Three league games, one CL game and we've falling apart. Our training regime needs to be reviewed.
Embarrassing. It's only mid Sep plus had an international break. Something somewhere is going badly wrong. Also seems this team has a very low pain threshold, any light injury and they cry off.
MM, Florenzi are all call up, only Calabria is left out. No biggie, we will still slaughter them tonight.
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