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Full Version: Week 4 Juventus - Milan September 19 2021 20:45
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We don't play well tonight. Juv outplays us, Rebic is totally alone forward and can't be reached. Difficult game...
And what a wrong initial choice by Pioli to put Tomori on the right, which made Saelemakers almost useless as he's good when he can combine with his RB.

We just saw a good opportunity with Kalulu combining with Saelemakers...
We are literally totally clueless in this match
I’m just so annoyed at Pioli and Theo. One makes a goal and the other stops our chances. This Juve team is garbage and open for attack at home. Take Kessie out and put Benna in. We need someone to attack and Kessie isn’t shutting stuff down like last season.
We lose this game, so far, tactically. I don't know why, but we can't play on our wings correctly.
Pitiful performance. Probably worst this year.

Midfield and attack non existent.

Pioli is hopeless. Never has any answers when on the backfoot. Going nowhere with such a journeyman.
Juve are not unbeatable.
We conceded to a mistake from Theo on a set piece.
We've got 45 minutes to turn things around, and our stats over the first 45 are actually better than theirs.

It's just Juve using their regular tactic after going a goal up, trying to dive for fouls

Losing Kjaer was unfortunate, but hopefully it's not going to stop him for too long.
Well done to Maldini and Massara who brought Messias and Pellegri to improve the attack.

And still have Castillejo as well.
Lets look ahead to the next game. This one is already finished
Juve look bad but they parked the bus and our press is ineffective. We lack height to beat a five man defense.
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