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Full Version: Week 4 Juventus - Milan September 19 2021 20:45
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Sooner than expected. Guys look gassed.
We need a goal and you go with Florenzi?! Ok…..
This season starting to unravel rather quickly
Bravo Tonali and Rebic.
Rebic! Out of nothing. 1-1
Kalulu was better than Saele in terms of attacking lol
Dammit we should have won this match.
Well a draw. It's fine. This is big. We got a point away at juve.
Kalulu should have buried his chance. Normally a point would be fine, but we are the better team. Missed height in the middle.
Kalulu looks the main threat on the right. Unsure what exactly Florenzi brings. Getting concerned with Bennacer as looks well off the pace.

Good to escape with draw but could have won if shown composure towards the end.
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