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Full Version: Injuries - Who, when, how long ?
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It's not too late, Pato just turned 23 last month, he's still young.
No it's not too late. I would presume the club has already taken similar steps to try and prevent injury. We need to see if he can stay fit now that he's back.

Managing a few weeks of training and 45 minutes against Lazio isn't a bad start.
Definitely not to late, hey Messi had his huge break out at 21/22 it's only a couple year difference.

I think pato will slowly get over his injuries, I'm so happy that he's played and especially against lazio that full 40-50mins. I saw him get a hard challenge and he stretched his leg really far out to try getting on to the end of that cross when de jong score, both of those moments my heart stopped because I'm like fuck i hope hes not injured. I hope he continues he's doing great so far
This is a serious question, not sarcasm or anything.

Can somebody find me a real (whatever that means) link that says Vila is injured? I saw a tweet today that 'he is still injured ...' and I am still wondering.
1. Did you mean Didac Vila?
2. Why do you care? Grinundwech
3. I don't know Italian, but I believe that has a section just for all injury records (name, type, length).

I think the second question is the real (whatever that means Icon_lol2) question.
I am not sure why I care Big Grin
Except the Gazzetta page though, I am wondering about a report that mentions something like 'he got injured, he will be out 3 months'
In august when he was injured and IIRC received surgery he was supposed to be out for two months. Obviously it's been a lot longer, so I'm not exactly sure what's going on with him. It's strange though that he's not even training with Milan, regardless if he's obviously going to leave in the summer he's still a professional and I'd assume not training for so long would take a huge toll on his fitness and career for the next year or so.

EDIT: shows that he was injured 21.08.2012(August 21st,2012) and that he's recovered on 25.03.2013(March 25th,2013)

So it seems like he just recovered about a week ago, probably back doing light fitness training. In reality, he probably won't be 100% match fit until the end of the season and then he'll probably leave.
WCmilan, thanks for the information. Though he is recovered now, I would be surprised if Didac sees even one minute until the end of this season, considering that we have so many options there now. Not even Antonini gets to play any more.

Too bad we had to waste one year's salary on Didac. It was all that big fat Raiola's work.
I almost forgot this thread.

Happy to read only about Pato and Vila. Hope both get well soon.
I don't care for either at this moment. I hope that de Jong gets well soon. Wink