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Full Version: Injuries - Who, when, how long ?
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I know this is the injury thread for Milan only, but Inter Milan just lost Palacio to injury who will be out for at least a month (some says that 6-8 weeks). After Milito, this is another huge blow for Inter (good news for us of course).

Merda now has only Rocchi and Cassano. Sweet. :d
LOL ROCCHI AND CASSANO! goodbye inter have fun in la coppa del nonno

Maybe they should try nagatoma as striker hahaha
nagatoma? so that they can score more headers? Icon_lol2

the past few years (07-10) wasn't right; finally, everything goes back to normal. Merda losing; Ladri cheating. Hopefully that also means that Milan shining in CL.
Agreed ^, maybe a little worst than normal for inter Big Grin They seriously have a ton of work ahead of them.
[Image: U4692P6T12D6508664F44DT20130409075536.jpg]


It seems that Inter Merda is running out of players. Who will next be injured? Moratti? Icon_lol2
It is Guarin and Cambiasso. I almost feel sorry for Merda. :d
Their situation is so sad now that I can't even laugh. I can't believe that this team just recently did a treble..and they've sunk so low already
WOw and they're out of coppa italia as well I just found that out lol.. Man, wasn't merda in first place for a while?Big Grin
For a team to collapse that bad...

On Domenica Sportiva they were talking about how moratti may sell inter, or a portion because they need serious rebuilding and they don't have the funds. Well, I guess you're not used to real seria a when you can't capitalize on calciopoli disaster haha. It's sad though, we didn't have money last year either but we had a lot of value in the team, hence why we sold silva and ibra and made a quick 60m. Merdas entire roster isn't worth 60m, literally!

The funny part is guys, is that I'm not surprised by merdas collapse at all! moratti went completely in over his head with spending all that money on players to begin with, only because they were available at cut prices plus he had practical guarantees on scudetto successes.. I suppose the treble and a few consecutive scudettos aided their funds for a little while, at least to maintain what they had. Problem is they got no return on any of their big players and produce much less revenue than us, absolutely not surprised at all that they're collapsing quite literally. I know we've hated our management for selling sheva,kaka,ibra and silva in the past.. But with out doing so we'd be screwed right now, seriously. Now we are in green and are looking at some positive income from our revenue. Not to mention future superstars are flowing out of our junior teams like a factory line.

Just fyi, Milannews does an updated player check every week on our young talents around Europe (namely in Italy though) that are loaned, in our Primavera or youth teams etc. And literally, they are dominating everywhere. BTW, Saponara is also tearing seria b up (averaging an assist OR goal almost every game). I'd like to get Aubameyang back, keep talented Milan blooded players in our team Big Grin
Wallbang Huh

A.C. Milan wishes to communicate the injury situation of all unavailable players:

ABATE picked up an injury while with the Italian national side and will undergo new tests in 8-10 days.
DE SCIGLIO has a knee problem and will undergo surgery in the next few days in Milan with Professor Schonhuber.
SILVESTRE is undergoing therapy for Meniscus problem.
BONERA is undergoing rehabilitation for a Patella problem and is not showing signs of complications.
PAZZINI will undergo test tomorrow with the specialist in Belgium who performed the surgery. No complications have been met as of the present moment.

Abate and De Sciglio being both injured is a bit worrying ... Because that leaves us with the amazing Zaccardo on the right back !!

Furthermore, they are potentially our two starters (if DS is used as a LB by Allegri), so we're blocked with Emmanuelson and Constant on the left back and Zaccardo.

Nothing good coming from that !! Angry

Pedone, the RB of the Primavera could join the first team for the next few weeks ...
If only he could be a very talented player, we would have DS on the LB then with one of Emmanuelson and Constant as subs, and Abate on the RB with Pedone, another homegrown player as a sub ...