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Full Version: Injuries - Who, when, how long ?
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(11-28-2013, 10:26 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Supposedly it's not true, I read another story on Milannews that the two are unlikely to be related. He should probably spend less time at the tanning salon anyway, it can't be healthy.

Off topic, but I've always found it weird so many people in the West want to get tanned and darken their skin, while in the East people are often obsessed with having fair skin. Personally, I remember when Mexes had his natural skin tone and he looked much more normal than the current orange we tend to see.

You know I'm right Xudong, all asian cultures have this fascination Big Grin
AC Milan comunica che, nel corso dell'allenamento di ieri, in un contrasto di gioco, il calciatore Bryan Cristante, ha riportato l'infrazione della testa del perone. La prognosi è di un mese circa, salvo complicazioni.

Cristante a month or so ....
We really can't catch a break regarding injuries..
You're right, we can't. Hopefully, this is a blessing in disguise, as right now it's clear Cristante's opportunities are limited and being fit and on the bench may mentally affect him. In this case, hopefully a month to get fit will stop his frustration festering and Seedorf will have time to build the side a little.
Get well soon, kiddo.
El Shaawary update:

Quote:Milan striker Stephan El Shaarawy will get a new verdict on his injury in Amsterdam tomorrow.

According to Sky Sport Italia, the forward will have a check-up with Professor Niek Van Dijk, who performed the surgery on his foot on December 28.

The 21-year-old suffered a micro-fracture in his foot in September and it did not heal when expected, so he went under the knife in December.

He is still wearing a cast on his foot, but the all-clear in tomorrow’s check-up could see him make his way back to training.

Even if El Shaarawy sticks to the schedule of recovery, he’s still not expected back on the pitch until April
Injury update via football-italia:

Quote:Stephan El Shaarawy was given the all-clear, but Ignazio Abate is out for 10 days, while Riccardo Montolivo and Daniele Bonera have problems.

Milan released a statement from the medical staff giving updates on various situations.

Stephan El Shaarawy can begin athletic work with a view to resuming full training with the rest of the group in the coming weeks following his final check-up with specialist doctor van Dijk earlier today.

It means the Little Pharaoh is finally on his way back to recovery after surgery for a microfracture in his foot.

Bryan Cristante will recommence on a personalised training programme from tomorrow and will soon resume full training with the rest of the group.

“During Milan-Parma, Daniele Bonera suffered an adductor muscle injury and will be assessed by the club’s medical staff between Wednesday and Thursday.

Riccardo Montolivo meanwhile suffered a lower back injury during the match with Parma in addition to a facial injury. The club captain will also be assessed between Wednesday and Thursday.

“Finally, Ignazio Abate has reported a muscle injury in his right thigh and will be re-assessed in 7 to 10 days’ time.”
You didn't bold the Abate and Bonera news, what did they ever do to you? Grinundwech
Mystik was secretly/subconsciously hoping that they would just gtfo. Grinundwech