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Full Version: Injuries - Who, when, how long ?
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Montolivo should be available for the Napoli match on May 3
so, you are saying that Montolivo's absence has not been by choice? Rolleyes
Corriere dello Sport reports that Montolivo will undergo a new surgery and his season is over. Can we please sell him this summer?
Why would anyone buy him?
well, we can always hope that there are stupid teams out there. Icon_lol2 I doubt that we are the stupidest team in the world.
De Sciglio sprains ankle in training.. Extent of damage to be determined.

this kid is just frustrating... Facepalm
This is an interesting story about the club installing cryogenic chambers to help avoid injuries. The process is used to help speed up muscle recovery:

Oddly enough, I read a comment recently how Sam Allardyce adopted this method for his players. I posted the excellent article in the Premiership thread, but for anyone interested:
Niang injured during Bayern game, out for few weeks, broken metatarsal
What about Montolivo? Any words?