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Full Version: Injuries - Who, when, how long ?
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Montolivo out for 6 months or more after suffering cruciate ligament injury vs Spain
Now this means that Montella doesn't have to worry about the standard Montolivo rebellion. I just hope that this does not mean that Poli starts getting chances. This is the time for Sosa to step up and Once Mati is back from injury, we should be set. This is a blessing indeed.
Finally the guy is out. I hope locatelli can be used more. And we go for another midfielder in January.

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Does anyone know when Mati Fernandez will be back? I know he was injured on international duty during the beginning of the season but I didn't think it was that serious...

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I almost forgot that we have Bertolacci.
I wonder what's going to happen to him. On paper, he is someone who should easily provide balance to a midfield 3...but he has struggled so much. In all honesty, as things stand, I don't see him being a part of this squad for too much longer. We might have to just take a loss on this and sell him...which by the way won't be easy to do as I don't see top teams being interested in him and he will have to be persuaded to take a step down the latter to someone like Genoa, Sassuolo, etc.
Bertolacci back in group training.
I really hope he can stay fit. I'm interested in seeing what he can actually do under Montella.