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Full Version: Injuries - Who, when, how long ?
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(11-29-2016, 02:20 PM)edysim Wrote: [ -> ]Just when Mati starts to get some minutes and gel in, now injured... Sad Jack would be huge loss.

I wouldn't say that he has started to 'gel in'. He has barely played. 

For that same reason, I am not really feeling the pain of not having him available. In fact, I thought that it was a stupid transfer to begin with. Of course he is welcome to prove me wrong, but if he is always injured, I am not sure how he can prove me wrong. 

On the other hand, Bonaventura would be a huge loss. I hope that it doesn't come back to bite our ass. Last time we played Crotone at home, we were held 1-1 at 90'.
Preliminary reports says that both Bonaventura and DeSciglio will be out for a "couple of months" Sad
That's horrible news. Sad
Bona needs surgery, so he will be out for a while. At least 6 weeks imo.
Sucks to say this...i wish DeS a speedy recovery, but in terms of us missing him on the field, I'm not worried at all. Bonaventura's absence is the one to worry about.
Now they said that DeSciglio "avoided serious injury and will be out for couple of weeks".
Bonaventura finished season. Sad

Milan midfielder Giacomo Bonaventura will be out for the remainder of the season, his surgeon confirms.
This is terrible news. It leaves us with a huge hole in the midfield. This squad doesn't have a single other player with Bona's characteristics.
Horrible news indeed. We are so screwed. Sad
There's also rumor that Antoneli picked "minor injury" and he will not be available for game against Sampdoria.
Vangioni and Abate looks likely then Big Grin