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Full Version: Injuries - Who, when, how long ?
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He could be one of our important player especially with our 352 formation.
and i dont think calabria or abate can fill conti shoes
(09-16-2017, 03:40 AM)sylrus Wrote: [ -> ]and i dont think calabria or abate can fill conti shoes

That's bad. We don't have proper subs for fullback/wingbacks, at least we should be one but we can't fix our squad in just one transfer window. Big Grin

I still want to give chance to Calabria though in a fullteam formation, we haven't seen him as wingback in 3man-defense except the one in EL when we put 3rd team (subs+primavera). Calabria should be better than Abate but his games with Milan haven't prooved that. Abate still ahead of him due to Abate's experience.
This is a massive massive blow !
When the season just start i thought that having calabria and abate as backup would be ok, but when conti have this incident, i realize how wrong i was, he is so much of an upgrade to our side that right now we even look at abate and calabria utter crap, i used to think they are decent. But seeing him play before this injury makes me remember cafu. Do we have any other rb in our primavera?

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Antonelli has also been left out of tomorrows match for a problem with his thigh.
According to SKY, Conti is nearing his return. End of Jan or beginning of Feb.

Good news.
At first he was due April, that would be fast and youthful recovery Big Grin but I am guessing the end of Jan is back to training, probably won't see in action before March
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