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Full Version: Injuries - Who, when, how long ?
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this is bad, i hope we could use see some youth player playing now, and hope they performing.
Season over for Bonaventura...
Ivan Strinic:

"I have to start from scratch, I’m training and my objective is to return for Milan - Fiorentina [on December 22]"
Bonaventura has had an operation on his knee. Will be out for nine months.
Nine months? Scared
we need new midfielders or can our youth step up?

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Musacchio could be back much earlier, as early as this weekend
Not news but for the record:

Zapata out for around 3 weeks from this weekend
Reina muscle issue, could be short term
Biglia could be ready as early as this weekend vs Cagliari
Biglia could really push this team to the next level. We are really missing that deep lying player to orchestrate the passing out of the back and spread the field. I wonder if Kessie gets axed or we consider a 442 as our wingers are too inconsistent.