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Full Version: 2021–22 Coppa Italia
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Should be able to overturn this... Elsewhere ,Napoli knocked out, Piatek scored...
(01-13-2022, 09:22 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: [ -> ]Tomori injured...

Looked like he had to come off. Florenzi started changing. But he stays on.

And he's down again. Being substituted. Hope it's nothing serious. Not what we needed right now...

Ahh..that fucking clown Pioli
Maldini is horrible. Nepotism at its worst.

Embarrassing that such a poor player is still hanging around like a bad smell. Sell him to a Serie C club as that's about his level.
Terrible first half. No passion, no pressing and no chemistry offensively. Maldini with a great run, but that is the one thing he did good. Actually everyone plays below their level, maybe besides Kalulu.

Give Giroud and Maldini a hairdyrer, and get on Leao and Diaz, and please get some fucking spirit!
Great pass by krunic and Genoa player misses a sitter .

Didn't see the first half but I'm scared to watch the second
Bakakyoko, Leao and Brahim for Krunic, Rebic and Maldini
Safe to say the latter didn't pass this test
Pitiful performance against the worst team in Serie A.

Not one shot on goal.
Giroud! 1-1.
We suck. I think we really need to rethink a formation. A lot of you on this site have played football and might still play for fun on a regular basis unlike me but this slow , staggering and back passing bs annoys me.

Do we play a 352 , 442 etc I don't know I ask for you guys to chime in. All I know is we look like the farthest thing from a second place team playing the worst team at home.

Please someone help me understand . Tell me I'm not crazy for feeling this way
Saelemaekers must he the most useless player. Not sure how this dude is a winger. Gets EVERYTHING wrong in the final 3rd.
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