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Full Version: 2021–22 Coppa Italia
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(01-13-2022, 10:53 PM)nefremo Wrote: [ -> ]Saelemaekers must he the most useless player. Not sure how this dude is a winger. Gets EVERYTHING wrong in the final 3rd.

He's crap. Most Belgian watchers laughed when Milan signed him as he wasn't even getting games in the Belgian league. Can't pass, score, dribble or assist.
He just missed a great opportunity by a HORRIBLE 1st touch in the Genoa box. Amateur stuff, really
Rafael Leao! 2-1.
Thank you for that horrible cross leao that ended up being a goal
What a goal, a bit earlier he tried to be sneaky with a low shot that just missed, this was the high version Big Grin
3-1. Saelemaekers. Assisted by Theo.

Game over.
The greatest ?? player in Milan history seals it
Are we allowed six subs? Tomori, Messias, Maldini, Rebic, Krunic…..Giroud???
Thats a valid question Honsano. If this will be investigated we could be out.
In 2020, following a proposal from FIFA, the International Football Association Board allowed for competition organisers to temporarily allow for a maximum of five substitutions (with an additional allowed in extra time, where applicable) to be made in official matches for the remainder of the year in order to lessen the impact of fixture congestion caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there will only be three opportunities to make substitutions (with an additional allowed in extra time, where applicable), excluding those made at half-time, before the start of extra time and at half-time in extra time.
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