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Full Version: Riccardo Montolivo
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Replacement, signing number#2. Has been confirmed in the Allegri news conference.

Welcome Montolivo
Welcome Montolivo! Wish you succeed with Milan!

Finally we got a creative midfielder!

#Still want to see he is signing the contract Big Grin
Nice!! Though he is not the killer midfielder we need, he is a more than decent squad player, at least he is someone who can pass the ball and with good technique, we had none like him.

But I'm still dreaming of a Jovetic / Ganso / Hernanes quality-midfielder.
So, where will he play in Allegri's system? Will he play in Van Bommel's position and play like Pirlo before? Or Milan will buy an anchor and Montlivo will play on left side of CM?
I think he will play on the right or the left in a midfield of 3. The position that Aquilani played before the winter break.

Cassano - Ibrahimovic
Nocerino - Ambrosini - Montolivo

Something like that.
We have then only an Ambrosini as anchor? Can Traore play in Ambrosini's position?
(05-12-2012, 03:06 PM)Siregar Wrote: [ -> ]We have then only an Ambrosini as anchor? Can Traore play in Ambrosini's position?

Muntari and Traore can play as an anchor too, my guess would be that Monty would be on the right with Noce on the left.
Monty is far from a creative player, he is someone who can pass and link defense to forward. I think he will do well in Milan but in more a sub role than starting, b.c I think Milan will sign someone more creative to play the AM spot and move Boateng to RCM, Nocerino to LCM and Muntari as DM.
A player who can link defense and forward must be a creative one IMO. If a player at least could bridge the midfield and forward, he should a creative one although not very creative, moreover a player who not only can link midfield and forward but from defense to forward. Van Bommel is someone who has creativity although he is not a playmaker. IMO it is the big difference between Ambro and Bommel in term of offensive creativity, both can read the game but Bommel has more creativity than Ambro.

For the attacking midfield spot, I like a player who has less creativity but more direct play like Boateng but better skill-technique. Someone like Kaka, not Rui Costa.
I think they'll look into a cheap anchor, Keita would be ideal because he's old, so we can offer him a 1-2 year contract and see how he does, and if traore/muntari dont do well at anchor Keita is more reliable imo, ambro is reliable but dont think he can play every game you know.

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