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Full Version: Ye olde Paolo Inzaghi thread :D
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hi Suture Big Grin I meant our coach
(12-12-2017, 05:08 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]hey ducurly Grinundwech

Let's hope Gutinho will be a success, for the sake of Milan. Same for Anatoli Silvic.

I fear the worse re: General Grosso Confused

I always hope for the best regarding Milan but even with a good coach we're very short on key components like pace and width

Auburn, me yang and of course a guy like Kite or even that Duo fellow are essential.
Brobo Cristiano scored again today, he now has 6 for Atalanta
Atlantis you mean?
I thought they play basketball in NBA ???
Atlantis Hawkers?
Give Lordio Boriniho a raise and extension
Fattuso is not gonna get fired

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I support you completely)
Kesha fined by the team after Biggie Smalls incident
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