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Full Version: Ye olde Paolo Inzaghi thread :D
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(08-05-2016, 09:14 PM)Stitch Wrote: [ -> ]Ahhh, the thread where I used to call Xu ding dong without being immidiately proclaimed as racist Icon_lol2

Anyway, with new owners, what are your expectations guys? Lots of new names since this thread was last active Big Grin

Oh, and welcome Gnomestavo Groom-ass Big Grin

You called me ding dong? When was that? Angry  I am going to call my lawyer (if I wasn't too cheap, I probably would have one Big Grin)

For some reason, when I see the name Gomez (I know it is a common one), I think of gnomes. Icon_lol2 Maybe he will do a great job defending our turf! Big Grin

[Image: 275b142b29cbce0a31d121fd21938ece.jpg][Image: angry-garden-gnome.jpg]
Just scroll through the thread, we've called each other all kinds of names Big Grin (hint: previous page Big Grin )

Yeah I agree, Gnomes sounds better than Groomass. So Gnomestavo Gnomes it is Icon_lol2

I hope he proves to be better than Vaginaioni  Dodgy
(02-20-2015, 02:56 AM)Stitch Wrote: [ -> ]Happy New Year DingDong Big Grin

Owww, how sweet of you to wish me a happy new year. Big Grin

[Image: 243983864-109925.gif]
How many goals will Gigi Lapdog score this season?
Lap-a-poodle? I'd guess around 10
Will Juve sell us Dodo Rigatoni?
Anti Silvio Grinundwech scored a good goal for Portugal today.
Icon_lol2 This thread is so Dollaruma Big Grin

So we got Lessie, Mustachio, Rodrigo Ricardez, and Anti Silvio so far. Still hoping for Conte, and perhaps Rodrigo Jamesdez Big Grin
Oh, Giuda Dollarumma...
This week we will have Continue Big Grin
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