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Full Version: Friendly: AC Milan vs. Chelsea, July 28, 2012
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The game is on in 20 minutes. Anyone plans to watch it? The link:
ESPN3 says that it is going to be on 6:30 EST; says 6:00 EST. Wonder who is right? has the game too by the way.
Thanks xudong

6PM I think, according to
I read it, it will be 23.30 CET, so about 30 minutes to go.
Livescore already "started" the game:

Club Friendly - World Football Challenge
18:02 July 28

2' Chelsea 0 - 0 AC Milan

Big Grin
Chelsea XI (vs. AC Milan): Cech; Ivanovic, D Luiz, Terry, Cole; Mikel, Lampard; Ramires, Hazard, Meireles; Lukaku.

AC Milan XI (vs. Chelsea): Amelia; Antonini, Bonera, Yepes, Mesbah, Ambrosini, Traore, Flamini, Boateng, Emanuelson, El Sharaawy.

judging by the lineups, i expect us to lose...heavily
OFFICIAL line-up vs. Chelsea (4-3-2-1): Amelia; Antonini-Bonera-Yepes-Mesbah; Flamini-Ambrosini-Traoré; Boateng-Urby; El Shaarawy.

credit: R&B

At, it is already at 9th minute with the score 0-0. Big Grin I wonder how long it will take them to realize the game is yet on yet.
Antonini, Bonera, Yepes, Mesbah = Facepalm
(07-28-2012, 11:11 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Antonini, Bonera, Yepes, Mesbah = Facepalm

Worst set of defender milan can have. I think all other serie A team have better than this..
sad but true. luckily this is only a friendly. let's wait and see.
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