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Full Version: Auction spotted
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Maybe nice for us milan fans to chse ebay and other websites for nice stuff.

I cam across this:

Thought of bidding. The season we SHOULD have won the scudetto but refs gave it to rubentus.. still some nice signatures.

I myself am on the lookout for a cheap third kit of last season.
I won a handsigned shirt of AC Milan, an auction i spotted now is:

German ebay, selling a hand signed ac milan shirt.
I myself bought a handsigned shirt with COA yesterday for 46 euros, but it has much more autographs on it.
I received this email today:

Quote:Over Ricardo I offer an unique piece of AC milan history at the starting price of CHF 1. Get one of the originally played balls in the UCL final on 23th may in Athens (last Champions League Victory of AC Milan). The ball is signed by 12 Milan players. May be the fan club of some members are interested in buying it. All information you find on under the article number 741575912. Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions.