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Full Version: 2012-13 Champions League
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Let's talk about the draw and CL here.

Draw starts in less than hour from now
Milan in Group C
hope we got the hard group
milan, city, psg, dortmund
it would be interisting to watch
and now Pot 2, let's avoid Manchester City
George Weah, bring us fortune!
50-50 chance we'll get Man C...annnd we avoided Man C, got Zenit ufff
Uh, we didn't get Man city but Zenit, nice.
we got zenit
Thank God!
Zenit....... that last draw almost gave me a heart attack.

On a side note, It's great to see our Legends so popular with UEFA. First Weah, now Guillet.
madrid got city
looks like d is the hell group
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