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Full Version: RSC Anderlecht vs AC Milan (21-11-2012, 20h45)
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Thanks sylrus!!!
I think De Sciglio is already on the same level as abate at only 19. His crosses are amazing, defensively he can improve but at 19 I have not one worry in the world that he wouldn't
What I like de sciglio the most is his composure. Abate looks like a headless chicken all the time, while De Sciglio displays calmness that is uncharacteristic of his age.

I happen to think that's an important quality for defenders.
His crossing is miles ahead of abate. Defensively I think abate still has an advantage but also 5 years over him. If 20m+abate for pastore is true I'd do it. DS can easily replace him
Can Abate play as LB? He is good defensively (barring brainfart from time to time), and by moving to the left, I don't think that he can be any worse offensively anyway. LOL.

I would be curious seeing that happen. Antonini has been out for so long, and I start to wonder if he is injured? Or it is simply that Allegri likes Constant.
I think Allegri just likes Constant better, and it's not hard to see why. Constants been performing really well, in fact I like our full back partnership of Constant and DS, they offer a lot going forward but again both of them defensively have room to improve.

The problem is abate has 6 years of experience over de sciglio, however the best part of having a more experienced is the fact that they can be more calm and confident, de sciglio already happens to be very confident and very calm in possesion.
A few quick points I got from Anderlecht:

- De Sciglio for me isn't ready to replace Abate yet. Technically he makes more mistakes, physically needs to be stronger, defensively is also more likely to make mistakes and at this point isn't taking on opponents (Abate has the confidence to use his pace to take on his man). I'm not saying he doesn't deserve his chances, just right now Abate is the more reliable option. As for Constant, he's been better than both, but he absolutely must stop making one major howler every game.

- Tactically, imo I think Allegri's got the right ideas, but we weren't tight enough nor were we looking too well organised, meaning we'd lose shape too easily, allowing Anderlecht time on the ball to hurt us. I can imagine it's difficult for any coach to get this drilled right now as we play every 3 days. Over the winter break, I hope we drill tactics and shape into the players 24/7 (hell, even make a recording about tactical drills for them to listen to while they sleep!).

- Mexes scored an even better goal than Ibra imo. It had just as much instinct, but was a cleaner hit and he literally lobbed the keeper, rather than taking advantage of a keeper's mistake.

- El Shaarawy continues to be exceptional (yes, I know it's obvious). His goal was sublime in the way he took out the defender and finished. It was cool, and for me showed how he's always thinking two steps ahead.

- Yepes isn't better than Acerbi. I presume Yepes was in to offer greater aerial security, but overall I felt less confidence than when Acerbi played vs Napoli (who are better than Anderlecht).

- Nocerino still gives me doubts. He runs all over the place, but showed little tactical discipline or understanding imo. This causes a problem, because imo we should stick to 4-3-3. Hopefully Muntari will return soon.

- Pato's becoming a problem, both in his attitude on the field and his post match comments. I've discussed this in the Pato thread.
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