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Full Version: RSC Anderlecht vs AC Milan (21-11-2012, 20h45)
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amazing. the 3 best chances to score all fell to Anderlecht. We haven't really created anything that's meaningful. Facepalm
That was pretty crap
0-0. HT. WTF.
Everyone let me get a Robinho slow clap from this forum.

We need him to assist ELS and Bojan. Remove Nocerino.
We are looking bad. No real opportunities. The passes and first touches are just off. Even 5 meter passes arenot going to feet and are away, making the receiving player struggle. Also, no creativity but that's nothing new.

Bojan should release the ball a bit sooner. He had a couple of opportunities to slice open the Anderlecht backline with a pass yet he took a couple of touches too many. On top of that...the final ball was off anyway.

We are technically not good enough. Our players lose the ball under any type of pressure.

Boateng is dissapointing again and so is De Sciglio.

I don't know why Yepes started. Not that he is playing terrible but why not go for some consistency??Huh

This is bad....hopefully we pick it up.
Is Allegri blind? Can't he see that we need a player who can hold the ball up and organize play, the only such player is Montolivo, and Bojan to a degree, What's the purpose of playing Boateng and Nocerino they don't do shit the whole game. Although we don't have a lot of creative players, it would be better to play Emmanuelson in Nocerino's place, and Pato in Boateng's. We don't have a player in the box, we need Pato or Pazzini there. And Robinho should play 30 minutes at least.
Allegri is truly amazing.

He promised that this would be the night for Pato, and you would think we can only field one player that must be Pato yet he didn't even start the game.
He kept saying that Boateng won't work as ACM, yet he kept fielding him there month after month.
Everyone can see that Nocerino isn't doing shit, but he oddly shows him tons of confidence.
Most amazingly, he makes almost every team that plays against us look like Barcelona or Real Madrid.

(11-21-2012, 09:12 PM)ACM1899 Wrote: [ -> ]Robinho I am using my brain power to communicate with you right now. I want you to get up and start warming up, i dont care if Allegri didnt tell you. I need you to start in the next 30 min window.
Devilol Okmilan Can I be part of you dream too in some INCEPTION way, only difference is I want to communicate with Pato Sagrin

BTW could we just send Allegri to some limbo stat so that he never returns with his clueless tactics and embarrassing selection. Allegri shame on you selection once again. What kind of dumb manage you are turning out to be this season .... absolutely gutless and no vision of how to make full use of available resources ...

XUACM2012 Lets get pumped up for the second half. Robinho is coming on.
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