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Full Version: RSC Anderlecht vs AC Milan (21-11-2012, 20h45)
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My favourite Belgian team vs Milan, very interesting game in this weak group. We need a win for sure! But anderlecht is in great form so it wont be easy.
I'll be in the stadium for this one, offcourse supporting for Milan! Sagrin
Anderlecht 1 - Milan 3

Mbokani, El Shaarawy, El Shaarawy e Robinho
Now that's an important match (seeing that Serie A is already dead and buried for us)! Finally something this season that gets me really excited. Rossonero

Every time we played Anderlecht, we ended up winning the Big Ear. Of course that's not going to happen again this time, but FORZA MILAN nonetheless. Heart
Just pray hard no change in CBs pair again, we should be able to get a point here at least SmileOkmilan
If we win the game, correct me if i am mistaken arent we automatically qualified?
I believe that we need 4 points to secure qualification.
Or we need to hope for zenit to lose/tie to malaga and we need to beat anderlecht. I hope that happens so I can watch our final game against zenit with out pressure..

And it looks like if chelsea beat juventus and shaktar beat nordjaelland or whatever juventus is outBig Grin
Juventus must go to the second round, serie A needs that!!
(11-19-2012, 08:01 AM)Beppe Wrote: [ -> ]Juventus must go to the second round, serie A needs that!!
Yeah Juve should go to the next round. Actually the should play the UCL final and lose to us on penalties again Angel

I am more looking forward to Chelsea possibly going out if JUve can do the favor and Shaktaar can continue their impressive run. Also would love to see Arsenal go out or at least finish 2nd and face a mighty team like Barca or Bayern in the next round. Also Man City is gone, so I am happy Musik005 Hopefully Dortmund can keep going strong and let Madrid finish 2nd and they come across Manchester United in the Ro16. Wouldn't that be sweet to see two villain team tearing each other so early. But in an ideal situation Ajax might the shock of the group stage and go through and Madrid going to the Europa League.

Any way .................. last but not the least, lets hope AC Milan can also qualify Sagrin
(11-19-2012, 08:01 AM)Beppe Wrote: [ -> ]Juventus must go to the second round, serie A needs that!!

no, screw jube. and for the best interest of serie A, jube should go to europa league (as the third in the group) and meet merda in the final. i mean it.
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