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Full Version: Milan - Siena (06-01-2013 15.00h)
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AT 15:00

A must win game if we want to reach a top 3 spot for CL qualification. that should be our target!
We will win 7-0. El Shaarawy will score 5 goals. Pazzini scored a penalty. Neto will score a header for Milan. Big Grin
This match must not be important. Nobody seems to care. Grinundwech

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I care, I've just been busy with the holidays..
I hope we can manage a 3 or 4-0 win and els scores a couple goals so he can distance himself from cavaniBig Grin
We have had a few penalties (4? Pazzini 2, Robinho 1, Pato missed 1, any more?) this season, but El Shaarawy has taken none of them. Otherwise, he could have distanced himself from Cavani already. :d
To me ELS has a killer shot, strong and precise.. I think he should be taking the penalties if you ask me
From a technical aspect, I think he should take the PKs too; but I guess Allegri probably doesn't want him to shoulder too much responsibility yet. We all see what happened to Pato after he missed the one against Fiorentina.

Maybe after 30 rounds, if El Shaarawy is still leading the goal-scoring chart, then he could start taking PKs.
IDK, I think i could easily forgive ELS for missing one,two, even three penalties in a row.. I wouldn't critisize him or anything at all if he continues to perform as he is but I just wouldn't want him taking anymore penaltiesBig Grin

With Pato it was a variety of factors.. He was always injured, wasn't there when we needed him, played very lazily in his few games back from injury, seemed uninterested, missed that penalty which ultimately had a part to play in why we lost to Fiorentina and ontop of all that he then asks for a move after all we've been through with him and all we've done for him.. Well, I wish him the best of luck elsewhere because I still respect him but do I like him, or will he become one of my favourite players again? No, no matter how good he is and even if he were to return one day I'd still turn my back on him until he did something major for us.
Back to the match, it is reported that Boateng will be used as LCM in this game. I like that move. Hope that it will work out better and this move will be permanent.
Apparently, there is a friendly tomorrow (Jan. 3) against Pro Patria at 14:30 CET at Stadio Carlo Speroni in Busto Arsizio, and the probable line-up is: Amelia; Abate-Bonera-Acerbi-Antonini; Flamini-Muntari-Boateng; Urby-Niang-El Shaarawy.

Source: Marioo^ (R&B)
Yeah I read about that on, apparently milanchannel will be showing it I'm hoping I could find a stream for it I hate going weeks with out watching milan Big Grin
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