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Full Version: Current squad - what work is needed?
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Some quick updates regarding the managerial situation. Galliani has apparently refused for a "clear the air" talks with Barbara according to Gazzetta, as he just wants out now. Some journalists said yesterday was the start of the Barbara era. Whilst she played a role in getting the team united ahead of the match (the team lunch), it's a bit far fetched to say this is officially the start of her era imo. I've not seen Galliani at all myself, but from what I understand, he looks dejected and not as interested anymore.

Di Marzio (generally respected journalist and often seems to know what's going on in Milan) has essentially confirmed all the names for the director roles and basically it's all the names recently floating on the forums. Albertini or Maldini are apparently being chosen for a role, with Albertini in the lead. Essentially all stuff that we've already heard about, although I'm not going to read too much into it, as I doubt anybody but a couple of people at the very top (read: Silvio and Barbara) really know what's happening, including Galliani, Braida or Gandini.

EDIT - A new name for the director position, who is fast becoming a favourite is Sean Sogliano, currently at Verona but also the son of Riccardo Sogliano, an ex-Milan player and director.
None of us can really say who should be the next CEO, Director of Sport, Transfer Director, Manager, etc.

We don't know the specifics of the business and how these guys are interviewing or what they'er plans are.

Guys like Maldini and others who have been vocal about our issues are guys I'd want.

It seems no one likes Allegri- Seedorf, Nesta, Pirlo, Inzaghi all seem to have a heavy dislike for him. Perhaps they even left because of him. I don't know too much about him, but by his Interviews and actions, he's very much like Galliani; he will bullshit you til his last breath.

Whatever the plan, Allegri needs to go. I disliked him from the beginning. I didn't like his subs (or nonexistent subs), his attitude, his interviews, his lack of game plan/motivation, and the quality of the football we play.

However, Galliani's continual game plan of buying free, unknown players, not addressing our needs, and over-paying contracts has cost us more than anyone can imagine. Obviously the players who received these contracts like Galliani, hence the threats to revolt if he were to be sacked. However, it's time to move in a different direction.

Lastly, as I always say, I want Santon, and then I want a heavy emphasis placed on our young players.

Leaders- Montolivo, De Jong & Kaka

Youth to see a lot of first team action - Balotelli, Saponara, Niang, Cristante, Poli, El Shaaraway, Pacifico, Santon, De Sciglio, and eventually, Mastour.

There's no reason why we cannot (combined with 1 or two strong players to be brought in), compete for Scudetti and eventually UCL.

We must, however, sell the deadweight such as Robinho, Matri, Birsa, Muntari, Abate, Constant, & Zapata.
Other than I disagree about Allegri, who I thought did well the first 3 years of his tenure, I agree with pretty much everything you wrote.

About the youth and giving them a chance, I totally agree, I don't want them rushed and we can't just play them every game, but currently when a guy like Cristante isn't getting any game time, it is more than just a little frustrating. Some of these guys are potentially world class, I really worry we'll waste the opportunity.
(11-28-2013, 10:47 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Other than I disagree about Allegri, who I thought did well the first 3 years of his tenure, I agree with pretty much everything you wrote.

About the youth and giving them a chance, I totally agree, I don't want them rushed and we can't just play them every game, but currently when a guy like Cristante isn't getting any game time, it is more than just a little frustrating. Some of these guys are potentially world class, I really worry we'll waste the opportunity.

I always agree with you, as everyone knows you know your football.

Regarding Allegri, the only reason to cut the guy any slack is because the total and utter incompetence of the Management.

But, let's be honest here. He won the Scudetto with Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva, Nesta, Gattuso, Pirlo, Van Bommel, Cassano, Ronaldinho, Robinho, Pato, Inzaghi, Boateng, Seedorf, Ambrosini.....
Juventus finished 7th that year and Inter just lost Mourinho who was replaced with Benitez. They were devastated.
I really think you could have coached that team to winning the scudetto, and perhaps by more than 6 points like we had.

The next year we finished second losing by 4 points, and a very bad call (Muntari goal), and also the decision to play an injured Thiago Silva which could have cost us the Scudetto.

Last year as well as this has been a complete disaster with a squad that should without a doubt be top 4. And in the UCL, we've never done well, and the only fixture we did do well was against Barcelona, where we defended the entire 2 games, and couldn't hold a sizable lead.

The quality of the football has been poor.. no identity, no youth, no subs, no changing of the formation.. and no getting results vs. good or even semi-good teams.

What exactly is good about this guy?
Thanks for the kind words. Smile

I don't really want to go into the Allegri debate here, I can just suggest looking through my posts in the Allegri thread. Truth is I don't want to spend time defending a guy who I genuinely think is no longer the right man for the job following the disaster so far this season.

On a more general note, some massive news has come out that Galliani's given an ultimatum of 8 days for him either to be let go (with severence pay) or he leaves on his own. On the face of it, the decision is easy to just wait him out, but obviously Silvio wants to keep good relations, so I can understand if he's let go as he wants.

Sean Sogliano (Hellas Verona director), who I mentioned yesterday is a favourite for Braida's role. If this happens, we could see Jorginho and Juan Iturbe in Milan colours.
Galliani is a genius, but his ego has become so big that it is out of control and certainly has got in the way of Milan's success, for the past 7-8 seasons.
I don't think that's his ego as much as other factors (Berlusconi and Finnivest). Not to say Galliani has always done a good job in that time.
Changing over the discussion to the 'Squad' .. as I may have said in other threads, I'd make the following changes (although drastic), over the next 2 Mercato's.

Reduce Squad by 5, Reduce Wage Bill, increase quality

OUT (9) : Abbiati, Abate, Constant, Zaccardo, Birsa, Muntari, Nocerino, Matri, Robinho

IN (4) : Honda, Rami, Santon, 1 of (Verratti/Nainggolan)


Strikers: Balotelli, Pazzini

Attacking Midfielders: Kaka, Honda, El Shaaraway, Niang, Saponara

Central Defensive Midfielders: Montolivo, De Jong, Cristante, Poli, Verratti/Nainggolan

Center Backs: Mexes, Rami, Zapata, Silvestre, Verghara

Left Backs: Santon, Emmanuelson

Right Backs: De Sciglio, Bonera

Goalkeepers: Gabriel, Amelia, Coppola

Potential Starting 11

Santon---------------------------------De Sciglio
I agree with reducing the squad size, which will in turn lower the wage bill (we pay millions to useless players and players that are either not good enough or simply don't play enough - 4,5 games a season).

However, I'm not sure if I agree with some of your player selection.

Getting rid of Abate is tricky. I know he is not popular on the boards and has been kind of bad lately. He offers close to nothing going forward except speed......however he is not bad defensively. If he leaves, then we need a replacement. Sure DeSiglio can be that but then we need someone on the left hand side.....and you mentioned Santon there. Now, I've seen Santon play quite a bit and IMO he is not that good. If you are disappointed with Abate, then you will surely be disappointed with Santon. It all comes down replacing Abate with Santon making this team better? I think no. I have nothing against getting rid of Abate, but if we are going to do that then we need to replace him with someone better. A lot of times us as fans see the flaws of our own players because we watch them play every game......and then we want other players that we've only seen play 10-15 times (IF that) and may have missed some of the flaws that they have. In this case, I am 99% certain that Santon is NOT a better player then Abate when you take all of their qualities in context as fullbacks (defensive and attacking).
So looking at your squad there with Santon and Emanuelson as LBs is not comforting IMO. We are not adding quality that way....we are actually probably losing some.

I like Verratti, as does everyone. Quality player and can solve many of our problems. It will be very difficult for us to sign him though. In any case, if this is possible then by all means we should go for a player of his caliber in the midfield.

Niangolan, I'm less excited about. Not because he is a bad player. On the contrary, he is quality. However, quality that we don't necessarily need. We need a more direct, vertical player. More creative player. Niangolan is an all-around midfielder but more of his emphasis are put in the defensive phase. He is more of the Muntari/Nocerino mold I think. Not saying he is as good as them, because he is better.....but a similar type with perhaps some different qualitites. I think if we have the opportunity to get a midfielder, it needs to be a more creative, direct one. Niangolan is not that imo.
Regarding Abate/Santon, keep in mind Santon in 22, and was developing nicely under Mourinho. He's still very young, and Maldini loves him. Abate has no more developing to do, he is what he is. He offers absolutely nothing go forward. I do agree that maybe we need a real Super Star like an Alves, but there aren't many great RB's, and of those can we afford them? If we're to go with a Youth System, why not take a player like Santon, 22, talented, young, and have Tassotti work with him. Abate is solid defensively, except for big games where he chokes, but I'm tired of having nothing able to go down his wing.

As for Verratti and Nainggolan, I would prefer Verratti by a long shot. Nainggolan only because he is quality and has been linked with us in the past. However, buying Verratti would give us 2 creative mids (Monty and Verratti), and 2 DM's (Poli and De Jong), and 1 guy who can do both (Cristante). That would be the best possibility for the future of our midfield (if we're to use the 4-2-3-1 system).

The point being that we don't just need a new coach, but a shrinking of the squad size and then 2-3 High Quality Players added to our team, not to mention a concise plan, style of play, and formation/setup.
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